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Neutering Surgery at Pets Health Veterinary Clinic

Neutering is the removal of an animal’s reproductive organ:

  • Removal of the ovaries and uterus in females also referred as spay
  • Removal of the testicles in males also referred as castration

As a pet owner, neutering your pet will be one of the most important health decisions you will have to make. Yes, it is a surgery but and like any surgeries require anesthesia. And yes, anesthesia isn’t risk free.

However, pets recover quickly from the surgery and, in young and healthy pets, the anesthesia risk is very low. Also, the health benefits of neutering your pet exceed those minimal risks.

Dog Neutering

Female dogs are in heat in average every 6 months. And when in heat, it can be messy as she will bleed. Also, they can give birth to an average of 5-6 puppies, but the number can vary widely from 1 to 15 (or even more, Record being 24 puppies in a single litter!). So, if your dog gets pregnant, do you have the space, and can you afford to take care of so many new puppies!?

Concerning male dogs, when intact, they can exhibit unwanted sexual behavior like humping you or other person and/or urinating in the house and furniture to mark their territory. Also, if they smell a female in heat nearby, they will try anything to mate, like digging a hole in the garden and escaping.

Neutering your dog will solve these problems. Also, neutering increases their life expectancy by approximately 15% in males and 25% in females.

Cat Neutering

Female cats get their 1st heat at around 6 months old. And it will last for 4-5 days and unless she gets pregnant, she will be in heat again every 2-3 weeks. The main signs of your cat being in heat is behavioral as female cat doesn’t usual have bloody discharge while in heat. She will become unusually affectionate and vocalize a lot at all time of the day and night, keeping you up at night!

Male cats, when intact, tend to mark their territory by spraying few drops of very smelling urine on the walls mainly but also carpets, beds, …

Neutering your cat will prevent those unwanted behaviors.

When should I spay or neuter my pet?

Cats are sexual mature at around 6 months old usually, but some cats can present some signs as young as 4 months old. So, it is recommended to neuter them at around 5-6 months old.

For dogs, it depends on the breed. It is recommended to neuter small breed dog at 6 months old. Larger breed dogs should be neutered when they are older, around 9-15 months old.

Proactively Prevent Pet Homelessness by Neutering

One of the most important reasons for neutering is to make sure that you reduce the number of homeless animals.

One, this can happen when the pet owners are unwilling to look after so many offsprings and throw them out of their house. Domesticated animals do not have the ability to fend for themselves and usually starve to death.

Secondly, an unneutered pet looks for any way to get out of the house to reproduce. That is why the probability of your pet running away is also huge. Neutering eradicates that risk.

Therefore, you can get any of the spaying or neutering surgery in dubai at Pets Health Clinic.

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