Welcome to our Dog Accessories shop! Here you will find anything for your dog that you need on a daily basis, be it for cleaning or training. Shop our hygiene & cleaning section which also stocks lots of disinfectants that you can use to clean not only your pet's bowls and bed but also your home! All our products are pet and child friendly! Having a dog that gets stressed easily - visit our repellent & stress relief store and find a product to help your dog sooth. Any dog, regardless of age, needs appropriate training - we stock several training aids that prevent or help you correct unwanted behaviour - need to potty train your dog? Make sure you get loads of puppy pads and don't forget to stock up on your poop bags when out for a walk! For older or sick dogs, we offer both reuseable and one-time diapers. Make sure your dog wears and ID tag at all times and a dog flap is always a good idea so your dog can access the garden whenever he wants. Visit our apparel & gifts collection and get your dog something unique and special!

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