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Every pet brings joy to its owner’s life. Your pet can brighten your worst days with a simple cuddle. Well pets are loved worldwide, it is important to ensure that they stay healthy and fit. To stay healthy and fit your pet needs regular medical assistance.
Pet dental care is one of the key aspects of your pet’s health. Pets Health provides efficient veterinary dental services in Dubai. With trained experts and the best facilities, we ensure that you have a joyous life with your pet.

Keeping Your Pet's Teeth Clean

Animal teeth need care very much like humans. Regular visits to veterinary dental services is a must and can help prevent any serious dental issues. Pets can face issues like periodontal diseases to plaque buildup and tar. In the long run, these can pose several health issues for pets that affect life expectancy.
At most times though, dental health care is not only about avoiding serious diseases among pets. It could simply be about better breath. Veterinary dental care with Pets Health is the only answer to make sure that a good oral hygiene is maintained.

Dog Dental Care

Dog dental health is not always about pinning wrestling the animal down and brushing their teeth. It is also about letting them do it themselves. Like most other animals dogs can clean their teeth themselves by having a good chew on artificial bones or chew toys.

However, brushing their teeth is also important. However, in certain circumstances, brushing a dog’s teeth can be rather difficult. For instance, in cases where the dog has pain in any of its teeth, the task is only going to get more difficult. Therefore, it is not a bad idea to have regular teeth cleaning and polishing appointments with our professional vets at Pets Health. They help clean off the tartar and then use disinfectants to get rid off the germs. This helps prevent tartar buildup.

Cat Dental Care

Cat Dental problems can be much more difficult to inspect than in dogs. The reason being that cats are not as friendly. This is why anesthesia is used. So, if you want to find out the condition of your cat’s dental health, you will need to visit vets to ensure that if any underlying condition exists it can be identified and treated in a timely manner.

For that very reason, many cats have severe gingivitis and periodontal diseases by age 4. This can seriously affect their overall health and cause discomfort while eating and chewing. It can accentuate to develop into more serious problems in the near future.
That is why it is so important to always establish a regular dental cleaning routine with cats. However, that is not it. Vet dental services dubai are a given to make sure any cat’s teeth are perfect. That is why scheduling annual visits to a feline dental expert for your cat’s teeth checkup is essential.

Our veterinary dental services include:

When looking for teeth cleaning dubai, Pets Health Veterinary Clinic can be your go to. We offer the following services:

  • Cleaning.
  •  Filing.
  •  Extraction.
  •  Adjustment.
  •  Repair.
    We also have the services of X-Rays and Radiographs and offer expert vets to perform any procedures.

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